Horizon Business Group

Services for Sellers and Buyers

“It is the endeavor of Horizon Business Group to use our experience and resources to represent our clients with the highest level of integrity and confidentiality. Our goal is to market businesses using aggressive and innovative techniques to maximize after tax dollars for our clients while keeping the client informed during the process.”

Here’s what Horizon Business Group can do for you:

  • Business Brokerage
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Business Valuations
  • Franchise Marketing and Sales
  • Business Planning and Consultation

Whether you are looking to sell your business at the best price, or seeking premium M&A opportunities, the Horizon Business Group offers premium brokerage services. Below is an outline of our services to both Sellers and Buyers.


Horizon Business Group offers sellers:

  • Confidentiality in marketing – Realizing that the peaceful continuity of a business is vital to a business owner, all marketing materials are developed in a manner to protect the identity and proprietary information of the seller. Potential buyers are screened to ascertain that their intent is truly serious and committed to purchasing a business. These buyers are then required to sign a Confidentiality Agreement before being allowed to review any confidential information of the business.
  • “Real” business evaluation – Prior to the signing of a listing agreement, an estimate of business value is made of your business to determine what market price is obtainable in today’s economic environment. Based on the last three (3) years of financial performance of the company, which is evidenced by filed tax returns, the business owner has the upfront knowledge of what he can reasonably expect to receive in net proceeds from the completed sales transaction. An extensive interview process and industry analysis is completed to enable the professionals of HBG have a grasp of the industry and business specifics before the listing period begins.
  • Locating prospective buyers – Locating business buyers is a very labor intensive activity.  Confidentiality is a must, so great care must be taken to keep the identity and exact location of the business confidential until after a serious prospective buyer has executed a confidentiality agreement.
  • Contact and meetings with buyers – Horizon Business Group professionals will have several contacts and meetings with a prospective buyer before that buyer is introduced to the seller.  The purpose of this is two-fold.  First, it avoids wasting the seller’s valuable time and allows him/her to remain focused on running the business.  Secondly, it further protects the confidential and proprietary information of the business until it is deemed that the prospective buyer is serious about making an acquisition.
  • Negotiation Assistance – During the process of selling a business of any size, many complex issues will be encountered that may each have a material impact on the success of the transaction. Sellers will find it difficult to remain neutral after investing their entire lives and financial resources in growing their business. The experienced business intermediaries of Horizon Business Group will add much value to the entire process as well smoothing out the emotionally charged event.
  • Coordination of Related Professionals – The “team” approach to structuring the transaction for the Seller is important. HBG urges the participation of the Seller’s financial and legal counselors in the deal structure so that the price to be received and the terms agreed to are the best possible from a taxation position for the Seller/client. Horizon Business Group has the expertise in applying a wide variety of strategies to result in the maximum return to the shareholders.

Horizon Business Group offers buyers:

Horizon Business Group typically represents the business owner or seller in most sales transactions but finds it vitally important to work closely with buyers in order to insure an orderly transition of a business. All potential buyers will need to sign a Confidentiality Agreement before learning the wide array of specific details regarding a business for sale.

  • Business Summary Information – Each business listed for sale will have a detailed marketing proposal available for review, which will provide a descriptive narrative of the business operations as well as financial information.
  • Seller’s Discretionary Cash Flow Analysis – HBG will assist the buyer in understanding the amount of cash flow generated from the subject business, which will be available for the new owner to draw his personal compensation, and also from which to service any debt incurred during the acquisition process. All financial information prepared is based on filed tax returns, which will be made available for a buyer’s review at the appropriate time during the process.
  • Financing Assistance – HBG has contacts with numerous financial institutions accustomed to lending for business acquisitions. HBG can assist a buyer in finding the right lender as well as developing the business plan necessary to achieve optimal financing structure and terms.
  • Professional Assistance – HBG has good relationship with numerous law firms, accounting/CPA firms and financial advisors. We recommend that all buyers seek independent advice from professionals to assist them during the buying process. We can make recommendations of such professionals, if requested.
  • Buyer Representation – HBG represents the Seller in the majority of the business sales; however, we can also offer representation to buyers that may have a desire to enter an industry or to purchase a specific business. Target searches for companies that fit the buyer’s criteria can be made to maintain the confidentiality of the proposed transaction.  In these circumstances, Horizon Business Group represents and works as an agent of the buyer, exercising the same level of care and diligent effort afforded to all our clients, working hard to find just the right acquisition target for the buyer and negotiating for the best deal for the buyer.